Oakey Motor Sport Club

event timing by oakey motor sport club


The Oakey Motor Sport Club decided to purchase our own timing equipment in 2014 to time our own event. This was followed by a sudden introduction into the world of time keeping and a steep learning curve.  With dedication and significant investments in improving and upgrading our timing equipment we are now able to provide a high level of service and expertise to time events for other clubs.  We set our standards high aiming to achieve the highest level of professional fast and accurate timing as we can whilst doing so at an affordable price.

We operate with WestHold hardware and Natsoft software which gives us a highly adaptable and accurate system.  With another major up grade in the works we will soon be able to provide what we believe will be one of the most accurate, reliable and adaptable mobile timing system available.

For more information about having the team from Oakey Motor Sport Club time your event 

Call Ben on 0423 867 796 or email at omcpresident@hotmail.com