Oakey Motor Sport Club

The Oakey sprints have been running since 2009. The Oakey Motor Sport Club have continually tried new and initiative ideas over the years to improve the event for drivers and spectators. 

In 2013 in a first for street sprints we changed the track layout and went to a two lap design. It was a huge success with the drivers loving it.

In 2015 after much consideration and research we made a major change in switching from CAMS to RACERS as our sanctioning body.  With the change came much simpler and more stream line administration process.  Under RACERS we were able to make major changes to the track layout and our crash barriers. We have gone away from solid concrete walls in many places and replaced them with link belt tyre barriers. These new style barriers have proven time and time again that they are stopping the cars much gentler then concrete resulting in a much safer stop for drivers.  In most cases cars have been able to continue after being removed from tyres with minor cosmetic damage.   We are continuing to make changes to the track layout to try and make it more challenging for both small low power cars and high horsepower cars. 

Oakey Sprints 18th/19th May 2019

The rules for the Oakey Sprints are much the same as any other sprint event.  There are up to 3 cars at a time on the track but you are only ever racing the clock and never another car. Every body does multiple 2 lap runs over the weekend with the quickest time for a 2 lap run determining the winner.

There are a few differences under RACERS and a few track specific rules.

The usual helmet and flame resistant ankle to wrist clothing.

You need a QR licence (weekend licence $20)

Fire Extinguishers are not required

Lap sash seat belts are acceptable so long as the vehicle they're fitted in has padded dash, steering wheel, pillars ect as was fitted by the manufacture. This is to give your head some protection in the event of a crash.

HANS Device

For those familiar with the event the rules for the HANS device were changed last year. 

Only those competitors doing a lap time faster than 1:30.000 and wearing a harness will be required to wear a HANS. Unless highly modified, most naturally aspirated 4 & 6 cylinder sedans and utes will not be capable of doing a 1:30.000 lap time.  Some high horsepower V8’s and Turbo cars may, but most won’t break the  1:30.000 lap time.

To find out if your car will break the 1:30.000 lap time please call 

Scott on 0408773364 between 5pm & 7pm or Ben on 0423 867 796 Between 6pm & 9pm

or email at omcpresident@hotmail.com

To find out more about RACERS click the link below